Measuring Process Capability/ solara.MP

solara.MP provides the complete tool kit to evaluate and qualify the measuring systems and processes that are used in turn for the ongoing statistical analysis of manufacturing processes. To ensure that the measurements are reliable - reflecting actual and existing conditions - the measurement processes must be verified and qualified as trustworthy. solara.MP will carry out the necessary capability studies for measurement system and process verification, to eliminate the risk of misinterpretation of the collected data.

Capability Studies according MSA

Type 2 Study

In the automotive industry, the substantiation and practical implementation of capability studies have been based on company specific guidelines. The main differences between the generally accepted studies such as the Typle-1 Study (Cg/Cgk), Type-2 and Type-3 (%GRR), or Linearity and Stability studies are found in the calculation methods and in the limit values. solara.MP encompasses multiple evaluation methods which include multiple guidelines from the automotive industry including those of the MSA guideline, of the AIAG Core Tools (formally QS-9000).

Capability Studies according to VDA 5

VDA 5 Measurement Uncertainty Budget

The VDA 5 is the equivalent in Europe, and evaluates measurement process according to their Measurement Uncertainty. The Measurement Uncertainty according to VDA 5 is determined using similar practical methods as during a Capability Study, however still based on the guidance of the GUM (Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement) / DIN EN V 13005. The Uncertainty components are summarized in "Uncertainty Budgets", and an extended Measurement Uncertainty U is calculated. The Uncertainty can so be considered for the tolerance for conformity evaluations according to DIN EN ISO 14253.

Measurement Uncertainty according to GUM

Extended Measurement Uncertainty

While the “Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty Measurement (GUM)” explains the calculation of the Extended Measurement Uncertainty in theoretical terms, solara.MP will actually create an uncertainty model for every inspection process for immediate visualization. solara.MP will display the cross-linkage of the uncertainty components in a clear flow chart with each box representing an uncertainty component. These uncertainty components can be edited with one mouse click. The combined standard uncertainty and the extended uncertainty is calculated based on input of the intuitively guided logical operations formula.


Type 1 Study

Regardless of the methods used and whether the capability studies are conducted at a test station, production line, or in the inspection laboratory, rest assured that solara.MP will provide you with the most accurate and trustworthy information that you seek!