M-QIS Management Quality Information System

Chronological performance of capability indices

M-QIS is a tool to process and distribute quality data in a target oriented way and is intended for the management. M-QIS helps to increase the transparency of processes, performances and business affairs. The quality information gained in this way is the basis for decisions about measures to continuously improve processes. Process improvement inspires confidence and minimizes the risk to produce defective parts.

Transparency through Automated Reporting System

Degree of Performance graphic - over time

An automated reporting system evaluates the data periodically and sends reports or messages to predefined recipients, printer, E-mail, PDF or SMS). In order to avoid an information overload, selected reports will be sent only if predetermined process specifications are not met.

Overview by Compacting Statistical Key Numbers

Central Status Display

The continuous observation of processes over long time periods requires skilled handling with large amounts of data. For this purpose, statistical key numbers calculated from the raw values are used for long term process control and updated continuously. The resulting key numbers will be the basis for summary graphics, benchmarks or long term process control.

Risk Reduction by Central Status Display

The possibility to visualize the current status of production or processes at any time is a fundamental management requirement. The central status display gives a real-time view of the actual quality status of the products being produced on different machines, manufacturing lines, processes etc. Because historical data is taken into consideration, the overall context will be preserved.

Access from Anywhere through Web User Interface

Example of the Web-interface

Browser based connection through a web user interface makes it possible to access quality data independent of location. The Web-Designer allows customizing the interface for individual input and display screen masks depending on the individual requirements. This tool makes it possible to create simple, password protected access sites for data selection, display of graphics, statistical numbers, reports and drawings, which are saved in a central data storage. The local PC only requires the installation of an internet browser and thus greatly facilitates software administration.