Operator Quality Information System

Data Collection at a SPC workstation

O-QIS contains the required features to support the user in production or in the metrology lab in their quality evaluation and assessment tasks. The software package covers fields like standard statistical process  control, online alarm monitoring, online visualization and alarm functions.

SPC Analysis for Process Documentation

Alarm Status Display of a production line

The measurement and inspection data can be collected in many different ways and transferred to O-QIS. In addition to manual data collection, direct transfer of data from manual gages, fixture gages, measurement devices and multiplexer boxes is possible through the RS232 or USB interface. The collected measurement values can be visualized in different ways (for example: quality control charts, actual value chart, bar chart etc.) and help the user with a target oriented evaluation.

The high flexibility of the software package enables the target oriented configuration of data recording and visualization. This ranges from „easy2use“ to the freely configurable measurement process control.

Online Alarm Monitoring Creates Transparency

Alarm Status by Machines

With large amounts of data in brief time intervals like for example process parameters from assembly systems, die casting machines, furnaces etc., real time visualization and alarm monitoring are vital. Different display types are available ranging from charting individual values and trends of the measurement values to compacted status displays of the entire production facility. Data transfer from the system is carried out through the Q-DAS ASCII Transfer Format.

Real-Time Visualization for Target Oriented Decisions

Characteristics Summary of a CMM Measurement

In case of measurements with large numbers of characteristics and long measurement cycles, for example coordinate measuring systems or more complex measurement instruments, the focus is on the display of problematic characteristics, to clearly pinpoint them right away. This facilitates the immediate identification of weaknesses in the process. The structured user interface with simple buttons creates a high degree of acceptance with the users.

Alert Function Provides Confidence

In order to minimize the risk of overlooking deviations from given target values, the recorded measurement values are validated immediately based on alarm conditions that can be defined freely. As soon as an alarm occurs, a selected group of people can be informed in different ways. In addition to the display of the alerted characteristic, the automated distribution of a report (printout, PDF, E-mail or SMS) is possible.

SAP Interface QM-IDI

Data transfer using the ‘Inspection Data Interface (QM-IDI)’

The Q-DAS SAP Server was developed for the acquisition of data from SAP inspection lots. This server has the functionality required to display inspection lots waiting in SAP for processing, and for making a selection from these. Here, the Q-DAS SAP Server actively addresses enquiries to the QM module. The inspection lots are then made available to the procella data acquisition system.  On completion of the inspection process, the acquired data can be saved and managed in the Q-DAS database. As an option, the raw values (individual values) for the inspection lot can also be transferred to SAP.