Q-DAS Data Format Certification

The Process

The Q-DAS products O-QIS and qs-STAT are based on the Q-DAS ASCII transfer format. This data format is by now considered the industry standard. Various multinationals specifically ask manufacturers of gages and SPC systems to comply with this data format. In the past, the Q-DAS data format generated by third-party systems often led to problems, since the specifications were not sufficiently adhered to. In order to avoid this in future, we offer data format certification.

Customers interested in data format certification first receive a package with information. In addition to a general description, this also contains our current price list with details of the services included in each certification option.

If a customer requires further consultation, we offer workshops on this topic. In these, the data format is explained in detail, and customer-specific requirements are discussed, if needed.

Certification documents are sent out after the order is received. You will receive the current documentation on the Q-DAS ASCII transfer format, a qs-STAT demo version for in-house tests and a list of the currently supported K fields. All practical issues are again defined in a Framework agreement between Q-DAS and the customer.

Once your export interface is in place, you need to provide us with sample data sets and return the certification documents (list of supported K-fields with exact description of interface, signed Framework agreement).

This is then followed by an inspection for content (completeness and field relationships) and syntax (writing format).

This inspection does not take into consideration whether the individual field contents comply with the requirements of third parties that are not part of the Q-DAS specifications for the ASCII transfer format. If all requirements are met, we issue the certificate. This certificate contains the exact name of the interface and a reference to an appendix documenting all the examined fields and the scope of certification. The certificates issued are then published in the next issue of PIQ and on our homepage. If during the examination deviations from the specifications of the Q-DAS ASCII transfer format are detected, you will receive feedback with suggestions for corrective actions. Once the corrections have been made, we will re-examine conformity with the specification, based on new sets of sample data.

The data format can be used to write and read quality data. As part of certification, we will only investigate whether the third-party system provides the data in the correct format and output type. Reading the data format into a third-party system and processing the data further is not part of the certification process.

You can find the documents of the AQDEF work group that are relevant for the certification and approval by the end customer under Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format (AQDEF).

You can find a list of already certified companies, and their respective export interfaces here.

Cost and Framework Agreement

Price list Data Format Certification

Sample Framework Agreement for Certification