Software Training

The foundation will be a two-day "Basics"¬Ě user training course, during which the student will acquire the basic knowledge necessary for use of the qs-STAT and solara.MP software module. This course will enable the student to configure a local installation and, with adequate knowledge of statistical methods and procedures, to run complex analyses. The Q-DAS Statistical Philosophy is reviewed during the Basics course. Additional training and seminars are available, upon request, for more in depth Statistical knowledge.

The next stage will prepare the student to be a Key User or Advanced User. This additional one-day training course provides more in-depth knowledge of the qs-STAT structure and, above all, information about the methods used to tailor qs-STAT to the needs of an individual company and, where appropriate, to configure the program for multiple users. Key topics of this course include: 1) company-specific configurations, analysis strategies, and reports; 2) efficient database queries; and 3) advanced graphical options for optimal interpretation of data.

We also offer a cross-product training course titled "Q-DAS Products System Administrator". Participants of this course will be able to administer interactions between procella, Monitoring, qs-STAT, Q-DAS Databases, and other Q-DAS products such as Reporting and Form Designer. This class is designed for users that are responsible for data flow, Database management and maintenance of Q-DAS products. The users will receive further training relating to file structures, data format, and network administration. To register, please contact us, or complete and fax us the Training Registration Form.

Available Software Training classes:

Scheduled Classes


Class TitlePrice per person
qs-STAT \ solara.MP Basic User (2 days) 790.00 USD
qs-STAT Advanced User (1 day)395.00 USD
Machine and Gage Acceptance using Q-DAS (1 day) 395.00 USD
procella Key User (1 1/2 days)593.00 USD
System Administrator Q-DAS Products (2 days)790.00 USD



Classes held on request


Class TitlePrice per person
qs-STAT Refresher (1 day)395.00 USD
CMM Reporting Configurations and Setup (1/2 day)198.00 USD
Database Filters and Queries (1/2 day)198.00 USD
Form Designer (1/2 day)198.00 USD
Initial Sample Report (1 day) 395.00 USD
Measurement Uncertainty (1 day)395.00 USD
Long Term Analysis (1 day)395.00 USD
Reliability Analysis (1 day)395.00 USD